Project 24 Update: UI & New Features

Development of Project 24 (the roster editor for Ken Griffey Jr.’s Winning Run) first began almost 11 years ago and has only recently picked back up with a lot of progress being made in the past few weeks.

File Management

You may open and save ROM files while using the program. The editor is also fully compatible with both headered and unheadered ROM files.

User Interface

The UI has been updated with the inclusion of the new Project 24 logo and some color coding changes to make the editor more user friendly. A fully functional top menu has also been added which includes shortcuts for each of the right sidebar buttons.

Lineup Order

The Change Order function has now been extended to pitchers, allowing the user to not only swap batters in the lineup, but also swap pitchers.

Ratings Generator

An added function in Project 24 is the ability to have the program generate player ratings for you based on the stats that you input. This feature had previously been functional for batters but will soon be available for pitchers as well. The option will also be added to choose to generate ratings for every batter or every pitcher with one click.

Import/Trade Players

A planned feature, the user will have the ability to import players from other teams (one at a time) to replace a player from the currently selected team. The option will also be included to swap these two players between teams, but using this function will automatically save the player traded to the second team. Currently, this feature is 0% complete.

Home Run Derby

Winning Run features a Home Run Derby mode with a separate short roster of players that are usable in game. Project 24 will feature an editor for this roster and will have the ability to import players from the currently selected MLB team. This feature is 0% complete.

Division Names

The user will have the ability to rename the divisions present in Winning Run. This feature is 0% complete.

Unlock Hidden Teams

A feature has been added that allows the user to unlock the hidden teams for play in Exhibition Mode. The Diamondbacks, Devil Rays, NL All-Stars, AL All-Stars, Nintendo and Nintendo 64 teams will be selectable but hidden under the Blue Jays on the team select screen. This feature can be applied to the ROM file, but cannot be reversed. The editor will display a message if the teams are already unlocked.

Team Info Editor

This feature will prove to be a little tricky to implement but there will at least be a portion of team info in the game that will be editable within Project 24. Team names, victories, stadium info, summary and more will be editable.

Project 24 is still on track for a September 2022 release. Check back for more updates as development progresses.

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