Quest for Gold 1.0 Released

Version: 1.0
Requirements: Windows OS

Choose Your Own Adventure as you guide your favorite wrestler’s career, deciding their fate with each choice you make. Create Your Own Adventure with a robust storyline creator that allows you to craft your own shows, matches and segments page-by-page—add good/bad endings—add sound effects, pictures and more.

Features include:

  • Select, edit or create multiple wrestlers with multiple storylines.
  • Save your progress and continue where you left off in any storyline.
  • Full Storyline Editor
    • Edit or create your own wrestlers and storylines with up to 9,999 segments.
    • Format your segment text with the built in Rich Text editor.
    • Select photo and sound effect for each segment.
    • Set up to 4 choices per segment or allow the game to randomly select a choice for the player.
    • Set event date and logos per segment.
    • Choose show closing graphic.
    • Add good and bad endings with custom ending text.

Note: For users of modern versions of Windows, the game may need to be run in administrator mode to function properly.


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