Trivia Rumble 1.1 Released

Version: 1.1
Requirements: Windows OS

Trivia Rumble is the ultimate in wrestling trivia games. Not only does the game feature the basic trivia quiz mode in Trivia Challenge but also features the completely unique Trivia Rumble mode.

The Trivia Rumble mode allows you to take control of a wrestler as you battle your way through up to 29 other opponents – armed only with your knowledge of wrestling history – in what resembles the popular Royal Rumble match.

Features include:

  • Trivia Rumble: Compete in a Royal Rumble style match
  • Test Your Knowledge: Complete a trivia quiz and and attempt to get as many correct answers as possible.
  • 3-Count Challenge: Complete a trivia quiz but give 3 incorrect answers and you will be counted out.
  • Default database featuring 90 wrestlers to choose from and over 8,500 total questions.
  • Beginner database featuring a trimmed down roster of 30 and 915 questions with a lower degree of difficulty.
  • Pictures and entrance music for all wrestlers.
  • Edit or create your own wrestlers and questions.
  • Comprehensive tracking of statistics.
  • 6 achievements each unlocking different hidden content.
  • Plus much more.

Bug fixes for:

  • Momentum:
    • After getting 5 correct answers in a row with momentum, it would not fade.
    • Correct answers for power-up and stamina regain questions would count towards the 5 correct answer limit while having momentum.
    • After getting at least one question correct with momentum, the ability for momentum to fade with an incorrect answer choice would be disabled.
  • Question Answering:
    • Runtime error when incorrectly answering a power-up question.
  • Commentary:
    • The order in which multiple commentary lines are displayed has been changed during certain actions.

Changes and improvements:

  • Increased the frequency in which CPU opponents attack the player.
  • Commentary line for when you incorrectly answer a question for a power-up.

Note: For users of modern versions of Windows, the game may need to be run in administrator mode to function properly.


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